What is True?

Two individuals believe in separate, unique truths.

Person A believes in truth A. The tomato is red.


Person B believes in truth B. The tomato is green.


These truths are irreconcilable. Therefore, someone must be wrong. Right?

However, what they do not know is: person B is actually color-blind. Instead of seeing colors normally, person B sees red & green as the same color. In an odd way, both person A and person B are stating two irreconcilable TRUE facts. The tomato is both red and green. The debaters do not know this, of course.

Without understanding color-blindness, these individuals could fight and argue forever at no avail.

They could find more people who saw the tomatoes the way they did.

Unfortunately for person B, color-blindness only affects 1 in 12 people.

Democracy rules after all.

Person A must be right – the tomato is red. The green tomato see-ers would be voted out 11 to 1.

To make fun of the debate, Person C decides to create truth C. The tomato is purple.


Person C knows this to be false, but thinks it to be very funny. 

To A & B’s surprise, many other people think it to be very funny too.

The purple tomato movement has begun.

While acknowledging the falsehood, the movement thought it would be HILARIOUS to find a way to make the statements legitimately true.

Using a great deal of resources, the movement paints every tomato in the world purple from the moment they sprout. They enact propaganda and re-education to make sure everyone knows their new truth.

Luckily, the color-blindness of person B does not affect the color purple.

Finally, persons A, B, and C could all agree that the tomatoes were indeed purple all along.

The debate is over. Without any need for science, curiosity, or investigation, truth has won over.

Tomatoes are purple.

Fun fact: tomatoes are red due to lycopene.


Image from Nature.com